The Blindfold Series

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Against the sunset and azure sky, a young man stood tall, guitar in hand, a red bandanna wrapped around the forehead. A timid yet eager smile propped across his face as the last sun rays shone upon the small audience. It was a cluster of close friends who respect Daniel's ever-evolving craft and are consistently present at his performances. He gathered them round through personal invitations and home-delivered tickets. The loyal spectators now sat on sofa cushions, ice chests, and concrete steps waiting.

Daniel has been active in the music community since 2012 by giving life to various musical projects with local musicians from the same school. The classically influenced band When We Meet was comprised of talented and multi-instrumentalist members who made beautifully layered songs using folklore-like lyrics, operatic vocals, and a somber cello. The indie rock band The Real Man, for which Daniel sang and played keyboards, headed a cultural movement named 'The Awakening of the Galactic Frontera.' The movement signaled the unity of a free-form congregation of folk-singers, classically trained musicians, and experimental genres such as psychedelic cumbia and funk-jazz. Ambitious and free-spirited, Daniel continues to form part of this movement and expands his creativity and expressionism into unexplored aural landscapes. He has been delving into electronic drum beats and more ambient sounds and vocal loops.

"Playing songs is probably the only way I can hold on to things,"reads his Soundcloud description. The rooftop patio of Club Boogaloo, with a panoramic view of downtown Laredo, was the setting Daniel thought adequate for a set of his ruminative songs. His lyrics are marvelously self-exploratory dealing with themes mostly about past relationships, self-doubt, and spiritual healing. "I love singing...I love being there and hearing the sound come out of my mouth," Daniel explains before he performs each song with a purity as if reliving the entire process of songwriting, the genesis of music: sensory experience, emotional turmoil, calm acceptance, and redemption. The singer-songwriter captures fragments of momentary emotions that teach him long-lasting truths. These truths later become certitudes upon the young man after time. Each song taps into his subconscious, it is as if music has shone purifying light upon some untapped corner of his mind.

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