Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Formerly known as Is/Is, the band originated nearly two decades ago in 2009. It is comprised of Sarah Rose (bass/vocals), Sarah Nienaber (guitar/vocals) and Mara Appel DesLauriers (drums/vocals). After a brief separation, Rose and Nienaber relocated to Portland, OR to reunite with DesLauriers. The product of this transformative rebonding was the more surreal dream-pop sound debuted in New Future (2016).

Candace has been crafting more introspective music delivered in sun-bathed lullabies that lull us into a sparkly daze. They transmit their revitalized energy in New Ruins (2017) through caressing motion of soundwaves in songs that cast curative spells. Their music is all sorts of atmospheric hues on the horizon like gorgeous tinges of gold, carnelian pink, and celeste blue before a sunset. Each instrument provides a translucent layer from the diaphonous distorted guitar to the celestial vocals, the sunbeaming bass to the heartbeating drums. The trio weaves up-lifting harmonies comprised of Sarah Rose's delicate angelic vocals, Mara's enchanting dreamy coos, and Sarah Nienaber heartwarming wispy voice akin to Victoria Legrand's. New Ruins as a whole is a shoegaze escapade into youthful sunny days out in nature. 

We conducted a brief interview with Candace during their performance at the elegantly lit up stage in Aphrodite's Empire. 

I N T E R V I E W:

Indiemuck: How’s your tour going ? 

Sarah Rose: This one is going really well. All of our shows have been really good. We got the new record that we’re excited about, everything’s working out.

How can you describe this album? Where is your music heading towards?

Sarah N: I would describe this album as our most solid realization yet of what we’ve always been trying to do, which is just write good songs, have good melodies, and make feelings happen.

  So then how is the song crafting process different?

Sarah N: It’s not really that much different than it used to be, I think we’re just a little better at doing it the way it needs to be.

  Mara: We have more tools that we’ve just honed in on just within ourselves as playing our instrument and doing the song writing thing. It’s just gotten better and better and we have more colors of a palette.

So you guys sound like really heavily influenced by Jesus and the Mary Chain and shoegaze.

Sarah N: Definitely that kind of stuff is what really, for me, I think for them too, but like formed, when we were really young, what we thought in our heads music should be, you know? Other bands? I’d say like most formative years was... 

Sarah N and Rose together: Slowdive..

  Sarah N: Jesus and the Mary Chain, Spiritualized...

  Mara and Sarah N: Spacemen 3...

Mara: I like Brian Jonestown Massacre, too, and The Zombies, and The Rolling Stones, and a lot of the classics. Donovan, Eric Burdon, like this is all of the stuff we were listening to back when we were 16.

How would describe your genre? I know you guys go for something called witch-gaze.

Sarah N: We used to say that we were witch-gaze, it was kind of a joke. Because we thought, I dont know, because witch-house was a thing. 

Sarah Rose: We like country-shoegaze now. 

Sarah N: Country-shoegaze is what we say now. 

Mara: Or goblin-pop. 

Sarah N: We’re always making up genres and calling ourselves made-up genres and then people are like, "What does that mean?", we’re like just making stuff up. 

  Country-shoegaze sounds really marketable for Texas, you know?

All: Hell yeah! That’s true!


And was this really your most engaged crowd? [after show at Aphrodites Empire by Second Chance Music in Laredo, TX]

Mara: Yes, by a landslide.

  Sarah N: It was but not the biggest, not the smallest, but as far as amount of energy, and excitement and engagement from the audience, by far. 

Mara: Landslide victory. 

Sarah N: Landslide, like in Portland there were probably, nearly 300 people at our show.

Sarah Rose: It was very mellow. 

Sarah N: But like 5% of the energy of the people here. So, Laredo, TX wins for me.

Not a lot of bands come down here. Thank you so much for coming! How did you choose Laredo, TX? 

Candace at Aphrodite's Empire in Laredo, TX. 03/09/2018

Sarah Rose: We’re playing Monterrey (Mexico) tomorrow and then SXSW after that.

  Sarah N: This is our first Texas show of the tour. I think we’re only doing SXSW.

Mara: Laredo and Austin only. We played El Paso before, that was cool. That was like a couple tours ago, that was awesome. We try and do as much Texas as we can while we’re here.

  Sarah N: We actually love it here a lot.

   The climate? What is it?

  Mara: It’s the people, it’s the food, it’s... 

Sarah N: The people are very warm. Everybody’s really nice and excited. And yeah, the food is really good. 

Mara: And the land is beautiful too. When we were driving through West Texas, it was just like Woah! It moves us, for real.

  Well, thank you very much. I hope you gain some more inspiration from the scenic views.

All: Yes! 

Mara: I’ve got a lot of...I feel like I’ve been recharged. I feel really good.

  Thank you so much for your music and thank you so much for coming down here.

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